1st Place


Best street food truck

Arrosticini, carefully nestled in the culinary tapestry of Romania, provides a unique journey into the heart of Italian gastronomic tradition. Specializing in the authentic preparation of Arrosticini abruzzese – grilled sheep meat – this restaurant becomes a true celebration of simple yet incredibly rich flavors. Here, the emphasis is firmly placed on the highest quality ingredients and authentic cooking methods, bringing the essence of rural Italian cuisine to the Romanian culinary landscape.

The atmosphere at Arrosticini is warm and welcoming, reflecting the rustic charm of Italian culture. It thus becomes an unparalleled destination for those who appreciate the art of grilling and wish to explore the savory delights of Italian gastronomy on Romanian soil. A place where authentic tastes meet genuine hospitality, Arrosticini promises a captivating culinary experience for those seeking to journey through the rich flavors and traditions of Italy right in the heart of Romania.


A variety of arrosticini options for different tastes and preferences.

Arrosticini, the finest skewers of lamb, made according to the original recipe from the Abruzzo region in southern Italy.