3rd Place


Best Restaurant

2nd Place


Best Opening

Located elegantly on the famous Ermil Pangratti Street in the heart of the capital, this refined venue seamlessly blends contemporary atmosphere with a historical aura of an artistic landscape. Through the rich stories and memories of the street’s history, this place becomes a destination where artistic history is found in every corner.

Ermil Pangratti Street, renowned as the haven for artists, sculptors, and painters, embodies a true celebration of creativity. In this location, the old street transforms into a lively tale of workshops and art galleries, where masters let their imagination roam freely.

Thus, as you step into the Kaiamo restaurant, you will feel the thrill of the history and arts that have lived here. The artistic soul of our restaurant is imprinted in every design element, in every piece of modern art adorning the walls, in the ethnic reinterpretations of dishes, and in the elegance of the tableware, which are not just utilitarian objects but works of art in themselves.
The restaurant continues to celebrate and embrace the artistic richness of this street and share it with every guest who crosses their threshold. A place where gastronomy harmoniously intertwines with art and history, offering an unforgettable culinary and cultural experience.


Kaiamo is all about seasonality and terroir. A symbiosis between the nature that surrounds us and the passing of age.

KAIAMO. A symbol of change. A concept of contrast. A pure art form of nostalgia. A story that underlines the fear of mediocrity and the tendency to exploit the peak of potential and constantly strive for the absolute.