Bistro Ateneu

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Bistro Ateneu in Romania is a charming place that offers a welcoming and warm atmosphere, creating a relaxed and memorable culinary experience. Blending the casual comfort of a neighborhood cafe with the culinary refinement typical of a fine dining restaurant, this bistro becomes a preferred choice for both locals and visitors. The menu features a variety of innovative and comforting dishes, crafted with the freshest ingredients and a focus on quality.

The comfortable and stylish interior, along with friendly service, makes Bistro Ateneu a favorite among both locals and visitors, seeking a pleasant and memorable dining experience. The menu at Bistro Ateneu offers modern reinterpretations of traditional Romanian cuisine. Imagine parsley soup, oven-roasted bone marrow with horseradish crust, Danube pike-perch, and slow-cooked Mangalitsa pork belly served with polenta and truffles. The restaurant also takes pride in its excellent selection of wines.


A charming culinary haven in Romania

The restaurant is led by Alexandru Dumitru, one of the country’s top chefs, who is keen to elevate Romanian cuisine and heirloom ingredients.