Café Verona

3rd Place


Best Coffee Shop

Café Verona stands out as a charming café located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. Situated at the same address as the renowned Cărturești bookstore on Arthur Verona Street, the café is not only a place for enjoying coffee but also an extension of the cultural universe of the bookstore. Here, a variety of events take place, contributing to the enrichment of Bucharest’s cultural life, such as captivating book launches, interesting conferences, creatively rich art exhibitions, and vibrant concerts.

Through its close association with the Cărturești bookstore, Café Verona becomes a meeting point for culture and art enthusiasts. Providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the café not only serves delicious drinks and refined snacks but also creates a space conducive to the expression and sharing of ideas.
With its appealing decor and dedicated staff, Café Verona becomes the ideal place for those who wish to enjoy an authentic cultural experience and feel connected to the pulse of artistic life in Bucharest. It is a charming refuge where book and art enthusiasts can savor moments of inspiration and cultural communion.


A charming café located in Bucharest.

This spot is perfect for cooling off with a lemonade or a good beer in the summer, under the shade provided by abundant vegetation.