1st Place


Best street food truck

Camionetta brings a unique and vibrant culinary experience to the streets of Romania, embodying the spirit of a gourmet food truck. This mobile eatery stands out with its inventive approach to street food, offering a menu that blends traditional Romanian flavors with international culinary trends. Known for its creative sandwiches, fresh salads, and delicious desserts, Camionetta caters to a wide range of tastes, ensuring that each dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients.

The dynamic presence of the food truck adds a touch of urban chic to Romania’s culinary scene, making it a favorite among those seeking a quick, delicious, and high-quality meal on the go. The combination of convenience, flavor, and flair makes Camionetta a must-visit for food enthusiasts exploring Romania’s contemporary and diverse gastronomy. Expect a captivating taste journey where each flavor and aroma transports you to a unique culinary universe, representative of the diversity of Romanian cuisine reinterpreted in a modern and sophisticated manner.


Camionetta more than a pizzeria, a culinary journey

We discovered a hole a new world where we had the chance to work with neapolitan pizzaiolos and learn their “secrets”.