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Best QSR

Spartan aims to offer an extraordinary taste experience by reinventing some brilliant recipes, inspired especially by Greek cuisine. Our master chefs prepare the pitas and tortillas on the spot so that we can offer our customers warm and crispy treats.

Our menu is not only based on chicken meat, but customers can also choose from a mix of pork, beef, and lamb.

Everyone will find something to their taste, from classic Gyros in pita or on a plate, to schnitzels, nuggets, salads, or the delicious Pita Leonidas, filled with small pieces of roasted meat, accompanied by fresh vegetables and two types of Spartan’s own sauces.

Spartan is for everyone, and we want to be close to as many people as possible, which is why we now have a network of 75 restaurants and continue to expand, testing new formats for accessibility and convenience.


On February 9th, we opened our first Drive Thru in Brasov. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and equally proud that Spartan is a 100% Romanian brand.SPARTAN


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