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Best opening

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Best opening, audience award

The gourmet restaurant Fork Ana Tower is truly a culinary gem, the meticulous result of over 15 years of passion and dedication devoted to culinary journeys and in-depth research in the world of top gastronomy. This exceptional space stands out with a unique concept, carefully shaped and inspired by the subtle blend of authentic Romanian elements with the aesthetics and functionality of contemporary design, reminiscent of the elegance and refinement found at Balvanyos Resort and Gastrolab.

Fork Ana Tower offers an unforgettable fine dining culinary journey, transforming each meal into a memorable experience. With a clear focus on quality and creativity, the restaurant highlights Romanian culinary traditions, providing a modern and sophisticated reinterpretation. Each dish is prepared with attention to detail, reflecting a profound passion for fresh ingredients and the art of gastronomy itself.
The elegance and refined atmosphere of the location perfectly complement the culinary experience, creating a setting full of style and comfort. In this gastronomic oasis, guests are invited to enjoy a symphony of flavors, delighting their senses with the delicacies prepared by talented and passionate chefs. Fork Ana Tower is not just a restaurant but an exceptional culinary destination, where tradition harmoniously blends with innovation, offering a truly memorable and authentic gastronomic experience.


Fork Ana Tower is the result of over 15 years of culinary journeys and meticulous research in the field of top gastronomy.

Designed according to a unique concept, it further extends the fusion of authentic Romanian elements with contemporary design found at Balvanyos Resort and Gastrolab.