Joseph by Joseph Hadad

3rd Place


Best Restaurant

Joseph Restaurant in Romania is not just a fine dining establishment; it stands as a shining beacon of culinary excellence, offering a unique gastronomic experience where contemporary innovation harmoniously blends with timeless elegance. Under the guidance of Chef Joseph Hadad, an iconic figure with a culinary legacy of over 40 years, the restaurant distinguishes itself through meticulous attention to detail and a diverse menu that celebrates both local and international cuisines.

Chef Joseph Hadad describes himself as a “forever passionate food lover,” drawing inspiration every day from the same pure curiosity as that of a child. This passion and dedication to the culinary art are reflected in every aspect of the dining experience offered by Joseph Restaurant.
The ambiance of the restaurant exudes luxury and refinement, with an interior that successfully strikes a perfect balance between contemporary design elements and classic accents. Joseph Restaurant becomes a preferred destination for those seeking a sophisticated and deeply satisfying culinary experience in a visually stunning setting that complements the delicious dishes offered.


A Culinary Masterpiece in the Heart of Romania

The restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Joseph Hadad, who has over 40 years of culinary legacy.