La Hambar

2nd Place


Best Opening

In the picturesque rural landscape of Romania, La Hambar stands out as a rustic culinary paradise, renowned for its authentic and heartwarming cuisine. This charming restaurant captures the essence of Romania’s rural spirit, offering a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where traditional recipes and local ingredients take center stage. The diverse menu at La Hambar pays homage to the simplicity and richness of Romanian rural cuisine, featuring hearty dishes prepared with care and passion.

The captivating setting, with its rustic decor and warm ambiance, enhances the culinary experience, transforming each meal into a serene journey, like coming home. La Hambar becomes the perfect destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the authentic flavors and comforting hospitality of Romanian rural cuisine. It is a place where every guest feels at home, and each meal becomes a unique taste story, full of tradition and warmth.


La Hambar Restaurant – Modern Romanian Cuisine

La Hambar is an exquisite Modern Romanian Cuisine concept located in the spectacular forest of Singureni Manor, sharing the space with horses’ stables and sharing the time and intimacy with its guests.