Manufaktura Cafe

3rd Place


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Manufaktura reinvents the concept of a café and creates a unique experience in a modern and friendly setting where you can share with friends, colleagues, or family while enjoying high-quality coffee and freshly prepared delicious treats. The unique signature of the Manufaktura concept is the industrial-futuristic design with natural textures of wood and brick, and oversized wooden coffee beans suspended above the location, creating a warm atmosphere where a coffee preparation show unfolds right in front of you, with professional baristas slaloming between five origins and two specialty coffee blends, freshly roasted and ground, and preparing your coffee just the way you like it: classic or through alternative methods.

Manufaktura’s mission is to highlight every cup of coffee you savor, from bean selection to preparation and even the smallest detail in the ambiance where your experience takes place. We make the most of every space, and due to our diversity and specificity, the Manufaktura concept has naturally evolved and developed in two directions: Coffee Shop and Restaurant. The larger locations include the components of a Restaurant with a full Food menu, Wine corner, and a generous space for corporate events or VIP conferences with world-renowned guests such as Rivaldo & Rivaldinho, Kevin Trapp, or snooker titan O’Sullivan, while the smaller locations are developed exclusively in the Coffee Shop format where you can enjoy high-quality coffee, freshly roasted and ground, served to go alongside desserts and sandwiches.


From the first Manufaktura location opened in Mega Mall, which is the first and largest location in the chain, four others have followed in Bucharest and two in Timisoara.


Regardless of the type of location, at Manufaktura, you come for high-quality origin coffee but stay for more. Here, at any time of the day, you mix and integrate perfectly into a diverse audience of morning coffee lovers, business managers caught up in meetings, job colleagues on lunch, passers-by on a shopping break, or young people who meet up. Everyone seems to have found their perfect space at Manufaktura to savor a unique and personalized experience, just like your experience can be.


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