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Naive, a unique gastronomic and social experience, invites you on an unforgettable journey into its distinctive universe. We cannot be confined to the conventional patterns of a mere bar, restaurant, club, terrace, garden, or coworking space; because we are so much more. With innovative shapes and textures, always rooted in nature and radiating local authenticity, Naive creates a remarkable culinary journey. Here, traditional flavors harmoniously intertwine with modern ones, and ingredients collected from across the country are passionately reinterpreted to gain new meanings. Each guest is invited to discover this significance at Naive.

Located at the border between earth and sky, where explosive sunsets color the sky, and the city becomes a mural of the landscape, music is not just sound but the soundtrack of emotions. At Naive, we are dedicated to providing an authentic experience, blending aesthetics, traditional tastes, and innovation, transforming each visit into a captivating exploration into our enchanting world.


Naive – Innovative and Authentic.

In the clouds restaurant, situated on top of the legendary ” Magazinul Bucuresti “, with a great view over the city capital of Romania.