2nd Place


Best Club

NUBA, a gem in Romania’s hospitality, is a contemporary restaurant and bar that transforms a simple meal into a culinary and aesthetic journey. Located in the heart of the country, NUBA stands out through its exceptional fusion of sophisticated culinary art and urban elegance.
NUBA’s refined menu is a symphony of flavors, bringing together influences from various international cuisines. Each dish is a unique creation, carefully crafted to provide a memorable culinary experience where each bite is a journey into the world of authentic and innovative tastes.

The modern and elegant ambiance at NUBA reflects not only sophisticated culinary tastes but also the vibrant energy of the city. The interior design is a harmonious blend of contemporary elements, creating a pleasant and inviting setting for guests. In every detail, NUBA tells a story of refinement and passion for beauty.
NUBA is not just a place to savor exceptional food; it is a destination where dining becomes a true experience. Each visit to NUBA is an excursion into the world of the finest tastes, innovative drinks, and vibrant atmosphere. It becomes a preferred meeting point for those seeking the refined joy of life.


A Fusion of Culinary Art and Urban Chic in Romania

A location with a design that reflects the vibrant energy of the city.