Soro Lume

2nd Place


Best Opening

At Sorolume in Romania, each visit becomes a culinary journey into the heart of native gastronomic tradition, reinterpreted with contemporary creativity. This restaurant transforms into a vibrant canvas, where classic and authentic flavors are reinvented with modern brushes, offering a culinary experience that blends the familiar with the novel. The rich and diverse menu reflects the varied regions of the country, presenting dishes loaded with history but reinterpreted with a modern aesthetic. The careful use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients ensures that each dish becomes a true celebration of Romania’s natural resources.

The warm and welcoming interior design of Sorolume is unpretentious. The restaurant has received excellent reviews for its food, service, and value. Critics have praised the restaurant for its outstanding lunch experience, the taste of the food, and professional service. The restaurant is also renowned for its use of local products and the beautiful presentation of dishes. The refined and elegant ambiance transforms Sorolume into an ideal destination, suitable for both special events and a relaxed dinner in a distinguished setting.


Known for its Romanian cuisine and open-fire cooking.

Sorolume, a culinary journey into the heart of native gastronomic tradition.