3rd Place


Best Bar/Pub

The Drunken Lords in Romania is a true epicenter of social life, representing a dynamic and vibrant bar that draws attention and becomes the heart of the city. With a well-established reputation, it is renowned for its exceptional musical diversity, innovative cocktail creations, and lively atmosphere, turning it into a perfect place to escape the daily hustle and experience the joy of authentic socializing.

This captivating venue is not just an ordinary bar; it is an urban sanctuary that offers a variety of experiences. Whether you’re thinking of a night out with friends, enjoying a relaxed drink after a day of work, or celebrating a special occasion, The Drunken Lords welcomes you with open arms in a modern and courageous setting.
Attention to detail, from the meticulous music selection to the innovative cocktail creations, contributes to the captivating and enjoyable atmosphere this place provides. With a modern and bold ambition, The Drunken Lords transforms into a refuge for socializing enthusiasts and those seeking unique experiences, offering an authentic journey into the vibrant nightlife scene of Bucharest.


A Vibrant Social Hotspot in Romania

The Drunken Lords boasts a vibrant atmosphere, often featuring live music in the evenings.