Hospitality Excelence

This kind package offers you the opportunity to enjoy the finest experiences in Romanian hospitality. From top-notch accommodations at the Best Hotel, to exquisite culinary delights and premium coffee. You'll have access to the most skilled chefs and restaurateurs in Romania, allowing you to pamper yourself with a journey that rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul.
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3 Nights

Best Hotel in Romania: The Marmorosch Bucharest, Autograph Collection, 5*, Best Restaurant in Bucharest: NOUA, Best Chef in Romania: Alex Petricean, Best Coffeeshop in Romania: Origo, Best pastry shop in Romania: French Revolution

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Best Hotel in Romania: The Marmorosch Bucharest, Autograph Collection, 5*

3 Nights

Inspired by the optimism and promise of the Belle Époque, The Marmorosch Hotel has reinvented the classic art of fine living with an exciting touch of modernity.

Housed in the former building of Romania’s most influential bank during the late 19th century, The Marmorosch Hotel is the perfect venue for reliving history.

Experience the high life of old in our exquisite rooms, dive into Romania’s rich culinary scene, enjoy cocktail wizardry in the authentic bank vault bar, and uncover Bucharest’s hidden gems. Or simply unwind at the spa.

Experience: 3 nights with amazing breakfast, 2 persons, in the heart of Bucharest.

Best Restaurant in Bucharest: NOUA

Day 1

The belief (at least ours) of Romanian cuisine translated into other cultures.

Experience: exclusive dinner tasting menu for 2 persons.

Best Chef in Romania: Alex Petricean

Day 1

Chef Petricean is a trailblazer, a visionary, with remarkable international experience. For about 2 years, Alex has traveled the world in pursuit of perfection, working in restaurants such as: Frantzen (Stockholm), Geranium, Noma (Copenhagen), Central (Lima), and Quintonil (Mexico).

Experience: meet and chat with Chef Alex, Best romanian Chef.

Best Coffeeshop in Romania: Origo

Day 2

Origo is a community of people who have befriended each other unconditionally, creative and educated individuals who share experiences and life stories while discreetly preparing all the details for a good cup of coffee. We eagerly join any conversation about coffee, driven by curiosity.

Experience: special coffee workshop for 2, from the best barista.

Best pastry shop in Romania: French Revolution

Day 3

An artisanal pastry shop that employs authentic French recipes and the finest natural ingredients, French Revolution aims to revolutionize the most delicate pastry in the world: the éclair.

A place where you can savor a freshly-made éclair and a specialty coffee, French Revolution is not just a “pastry shop,” it is an experience in itself.

Experience: exclusive tasting menu for 2 persons and owners meeting.

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We are the initiators of the Romanian Hospitality Awards project, the most significant event within the realm of Romanian hospitality. Our role extends as the premier concierge agency catering to the finest destinations across Romania.

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Available until 01 Nov 2023

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