Mara Mura

2nd Place


Best cake shop

3rd Place


Best cake shop

3rd Place


Best cake shop

Mara Mura was born out of a love for cakes and a passion for quality and taste. It all started as a playful experiment in the lab, among natural ingredients and flavors that tell the story of our favorite desserts. Each cake has its own special story, meant to give you a unique experience every time. Whether they are sweet and delicate, with fluffy meringue or crispy crust, Mare desserts are created to offer you, above all, a moment of joy.

We take a portion of inspiration, half a kilogram of passion, put a lot of joy into the composition, according to taste, and see the result… Sweet! And we know where to find them for tasting!

Our cakes are our best creations. Or maybe our tarts? Pavlova is our favorite, but we can’t resist choux either, and we lose ourselves in the pleasure because we have options for all tastes. Each cake is unique, which is why the moment of tasting is the most beautiful.


Mara Mura is the place where cakes tell stories, and Mare’s friends can enjoy them in a warm atmosphere. Whether you need a quiet place to savor your favorite cake with a fragrant coffee, or you need a boost of goodness and energy in the middle of a shopping session, you can find Mara exactly where you are.


Visiting our pastry shops means not just sweetness but also a moment of peace and indulgence that you want to relive every time you have the chance. The warm atmosphere and delicious cakes are the perfect combination to create a special day, and you leave Mara Mura already planning your next visit.


You can find Mara on Benjamin Franklin Street, hidden behind the Romanian Athenaeum, in Băneasa Shopping City, on the ground floor in Floreasca – One City Floreasca – the middle block, and in the Old Town on Doamnei Street, on the ground floor of Ghica Palace. Four locations, the same Mara Mura, but with different stories. When you come to visit, we’ll tell you more over a cake!



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